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Great Presentations – Top 3 Tips

Instead of telling you what NOT to do this blog gives you – in the simplest of terms, the Top 3 ‘things to do when making presentations’.

For the newbies, the nervous, or the anecdotally overwhelmed – this is the blog for you. Continue reading

How To Make A Cheap Music Video

We are now in a music business, not a record business – music is like water (for most of us): you can get it anywhere.

So how do you break as a new band, or reduce the amount of recoupable costs on your contracts? Continue reading

Top 3 Reasons Why Staff Supervision Is A Manager’s Most Important Task

If you aren’t managing your staff, supervising them in their role – then you are doing them, your organisation, and yourself a huge disservice. Continue reading

Memorandums and Articles For Social Enterprises — What A Mission, And I Don’t Mean Statement

This blog charts the path to our creation of valid and relevant Memorandum and Articles of Association for a Social Enterprise. Continue reading

Where is copyright, trademark, and therefore?

Your very own keyboard shortcuts for your favourite symbols – stopping you from stopping. Stop!

Just a short one, ‘scuse the pun – but a wonderful tip when you are steaming ahead on a piece of work Continue reading

Listening skills and how to change your world instantly with the help of Stephen Covey

If something occurs to you three times, it’s probably a good subject to write about.  I was thinking the other day about an unusual personal characteristic that can both make someone truly remarkable, and create a whole host of problems.  This popped back into my head whilst I was reading The Word For Today, and then was confirmed by Stephen Covey as I Twaitted (yes that is written correctly and makes me smirk every time) his 7  Habits Of Highly Effective People.

And this unusual personal characteristic is – Continue reading