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Moral crises for online celebrities – a reason to celebrate?

Back in August I wrote about FOBO the Fear of Being Offline, in which I identified the acronym APOL: addiction, peer-pressure, obsession, and loneliness.

Some of these aspects (addiction and peer-pressure especially) perniciously affect our youth, with addictions and peer pressure leading to ‘following’ – not only of online profiles, but also the behaviours and lifestyles, consumption, and branding that is dished out by the current crop of online celebrities. Continue reading

Should Jeremy Corbyn kneel before the Queen?

Should Corbyn kneel before the Queen?

Can Corbyn still show respect to something he wants to change? Image source: Queen Elizabeth II by GDJ via

Is it possible to be a part of a system and not subscribe to all of the requirements?  Is it possible to engage in acts within a system to which you don’t wholly subscribe? Continue reading

For all those about to rock (but have to finish the day job first)

For all those about to rock (but have to finish the day job first)

People in metal bands love their music, they love the fans, they love playing live. But if they are not Korn, Trivium, or (insert favourite band here), it begs an interesting question:


Do small bands matter? Continue reading

Best Of Series: Probably The Best Chiropractor In Peterborough

Ever had severe back pain, or sciatica, or some other pernicious ache that slowly ruins your life? If so you will notice that there is a plethora of opinions, choices and options sometimes unwelcomingly received via friends, acquaintances, and General Practitioners.

Who to choose, what to do? Sometimes too much choice is overwhelming, and even resorting to ‘referral’ choices only can still leave too many options on the table. Continue reading

Poor People Can’t Cook, Cats, Dogs, And The Joy Of Statistics

A recent study shows higher numbers of cat owners, as opposed to dog owners have university degrees Continue reading

Online Editing, Proofing, Grammar And Going To Hell In A Handbasket – Feel Free To Correct

Spot The Deliberate Mistakes… (Guest piece from ePrint’s newsletter)

I’m a creative writer and a poet, and bad language hurts my inner ear.  The press piece below was forwarded to me Continue reading

Can SME’s Win Supply Contracts With Councils?

For the small business owner who has spent years crafting their offering to give customers genuine and superior value/service, the promise that it is possible to win supply contracts with their local councils Continue reading

Top Three Toxic Employees – And What To Do With Them

We have all known them, the people  in the workplace who can suck the life right out of you, your most productive staff or colleagues, and  longer term can put your business in a constant state of fighting to survive. Continue reading

Obama’s First Year And Information Black Holes

As a Briton who has followed Obama’s journey to his presidency with interest Continue reading