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How To Manage Your Time – Advice From A Tender Writer

Give yourself 5 minutes to read this. Make a cup of tea to drink whilst you read. It may be your last today.

Procrastination – What A Way To Kick Yourself In The Ass

Some kind soul invented the internet, then someone invented Twitter, and then before you can shout ‘denial’ there was simply nowhere left to hide from inspirational sayings and wisdom which, if we think about for a moment, make perfect sense and in our heart of hearts we all know we should be doing anyway. Continue reading

Great Presentations – Top 3 Tips

Instead of telling you what NOT to do this blog gives you – in the simplest of terms, the Top 3 ‘things to do when making presentations’.

For the newbies, the nervous, or the anecdotally overwhelmed – this is the blog for you. Continue reading

Memorandums and Articles For Social Enterprises — What A Mission, And I Don’t Mean Statement

This blog charts the path to our creation of valid and relevant Memorandum and Articles of Association for a Social Enterprise. Continue reading

List your blog on Technorati

Join – go to and click the Join link (top right) Continue reading

Where is copyright, trademark, and therefore?

Your very own keyboard shortcuts for your favourite symbols – stopping you from stopping. Stop!

Just a short one, ‘scuse the pun – but a wonderful tip when you are steaming ahead on a piece of work Continue reading

Listening skills and how to change your world instantly with the help of Stephen Covey

If something occurs to you three times, it’s probably a good subject to write about.  I was thinking the other day about an unusual personal characteristic that can both make someone truly remarkable, and create a whole host of problems.  This popped back into my head whilst I was reading The Word For Today, and then was confirmed by Stephen Covey as I Twaitted (yes that is written correctly and makes me smirk every time) his 7  Habits Of Highly Effective People.

And this unusual personal characteristic is – Continue reading

How To Pass Exams

Ok, maybe the title is a little far reaching, but my top tip is one step of many in the right direction.

This blog was inspired by a friend in Chicago who mailed me with the bad news that she had failed an exam she took.  Continue reading