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Great Presentations – Top 3 Tips

Instead of telling you what NOT to do this blog gives you – in the simplest of terms, the Top 3 ‘things to do when making presentations’.

For the newbies, the nervous, or the anecdotally overwhelmed – this is the blog for you. Continue reading

Top 3 Reasons Why Staff Supervision Is A Manager’s Most Important Task

If you aren’t managing your staff, supervising them in their role – then you are doing them, your organisation, and yourself a huge disservice. Continue reading

Top Three Toxic Employees – And What To Do With Them

We have all known them, the people  in the workplace who can suck the life right out of you, your most productive staff or colleagues, and  longer term can put your business in a constant state of fighting to survive. Continue reading

Memorandums and Articles For Social Enterprises — What A Mission, And I Don’t Mean Statement

This blog charts the path to our creation of valid and relevant Memorandum and Articles of Association for a Social Enterprise. Continue reading