About The Capable Manager

Mini business consultant with an MBA studied for as a mature student whilst holding down a full-time Fortune 500 job and then in the Third Sector.

Passionate about doing the right things, learning from mistakes, and going out on a limb.

Rockclimber, DJ, parent, catalyst.

8 responses to “About The Capable Manager

  1. Hello, I read your article on changing the articles for a social enterprise with great interest as Ive been trying to do the same! Ive had a dormant company which I now want to become an SE so it can start work for itself. Would you be able to send me your model articles from which to make a start please!!
    I can provide more details if you need them. Many thanks

  2. Hi there, I am starting my own SE and struggle to find free support. I would be very thankful if I you could access your M&As. I have quite the same path behind me, from the private to the 3rd sector.
    Thank you!

  3. Hi – I have just read your very informative post while searching for information on setting up a SE with a few friends. Seems like initiatives for social benefit are so desperately needed at the moment. I would really appreciate a copy of your M & A’s as I see you have forwarded the documents to many others who have so requested. Thank you for all your hard work which is helping to make our lives a little easier!

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