Best Of Series: Probably The Best Chiropractor In Peterborough

Ever had severe back pain, or sciatica, or some other pernicious ache that slowly ruins your life? If so you will notice that there is a plethora of opinions, choices and options sometimes unwelcomingly received via friends, acquaintances, and General Practitioners.

Who to choose, what to do? Sometimes too much choice is overwhelming, and even resorting to ‘referral’ choices only can still leave too many options on the table.

Making a mistake in this area can leave you severely out of pocket, hacked off with the lot of them, and still in a world of pain that can cause your life to slowly crumble around you.

After six months of the worst pain I had ever had, via the following normal scenarios:

1. Doctor – lots of pills and referral to physiotherapy and consultant
2. AcupuncturistTraditional Chinese Medicine approach. Tried it, not for me. *shudder*
3. Consultant – you are a bit overweight, you’re getting older (38!), and you are unfit (might be something to do with the back pain, just a guess!)
4. Physiotherapy – discharged back to Doctor as deteriorating condition
5. Doctor – higher levels of pills prescribed
6. Local Practitioners – not available, answer phone, or uninspiring
7. Osteopath – let me rub your back a bit (£70 – thank you very much)
8. Doctor – re-referral to consultant
9. Chiropractor – …

…I finally got a result!

So, why did it take me eight steps and months of believing that ‘this was it’ for my back health and general wellbeing.

There were a lot of circumstantial and complex issues going on, but on refection the following occurred to me:

1. Doctors aren’t always right. Now, I love the NHS and am genuinely proud of it, and it even made me adamant that I would not live in the US when I had the chance (you MUST see Sicko by Michael Moore if you are interested in Health Services). But not all Doctors are right all of the time. Being ‘convinced’ that physiotherapy was the answer wasted a lot of time.
2. Sometimes distance is a factor. The internet, and the ‘just Google’ in your local area can lure us in to thinking that there must be a top-flight do-er of anything we want right on the doorstep. This is simply untrue, and sometimes we need to widen our field of vision to find the truly talented.
3. Fear of Failure. This is an odd one, it manifests as a reticence to go back to somewhere we have successfully been to before. But oddly this is because we want to retain the memory of the last ‘success’ and don’t want to assume it can be retained and therefore be disappointed. I believe that this is a scourge visited upon usually strong and independent types, who don’t want to make the wrong decisions so in times of stress we make no decision at all.

So what?

Once I finally realised that I needed to go back to the Chiropractor that I had seen a previous year Active Chiropractic in Peterborough, who I had raved about at that time, I was squeezed in to an urgent Saturday afternoon appointment on the day I was called back, and my road to recovery has finally started.

I wish there was more that I could do to recognise the excellent care and attention that I have received, and wish there was more of this:

1. Excellent Customer Service – having been dismissed, unable to contact services, or preached to about what I should or shouldn’t do, excellent customer service came as welcome as a cool drink of water after days in a desert. Active Chiropractic, called me after I left a message with a real person. Yes! A real person, and understood the urgency of my need and accommodated me accordingly.
2. The Best Of – wouldn’t it be great if you really could cut through the ‘optimised’ web-sites, and staged ‘testimonials’ to truly see who is a great provider of services. I can sing that Active Chiropractic as The Best Back Pain Specialist in Peterborough, but will I be heard in all the din?
3. Investment In What You Believe In – there are so many split loyalties these days, especially in business where you are encouraged to ‘refer’ the businesses that you network with. What happens if you don’t believe in the businesses at your BNI, or some other network? Shout about those businesses that truly do deliver, and go that extra mile. Integrity improves our environment (take bigpinkheart for instance), it’s not just about making friends or doing a favour to get a favour. Sometimes it’s about doing what is right.

So, this is my ode to Active Chiropractic and David Hallam in particular – truly the Best Chiropractor in Peterborough (in my honest opinion), making great decisions, and generally celebrating people and businesses that really, really do deliver.

If we all did that, the world would be unrecognisable.



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