One Minute Business Devotional – Part Two

Second ten days’ Business Devotionals from the unapologetically patriarchal book by Mike Murdock – 1 Minute Businessman’s Devotional.  I’m not a man, but I read it anyway and I am glad I did.

  1. Don’t change what you think of yourself based of what others say. It is what you believe of yourself that really matters.
  2. Continually visualise the inevitable rewards of preparation. Champions never hurry.
  3. Protect your passion for your goals.  Passion is power.
  4. Demonstrate your respect for those in authority.  Listen, learn, observe.
  5. Never participate in discrimination.  Stop misjudging people.
  6. Incentivise those who help you achieve your dreams.  Reward who and what helps you succeed.
  7. Rise above the stigma of your past.  Concentrate on your future.
  8. Never waste time answering critics.  Champions only make time for constructive suggestion.
  9. Discern The Time To Approach People.  There is a time to wait, and a time for action.
  10. Willingly mentor the inexperienced around you.  Great thoughts and ideas can surface when teaching others.

As pointed out previously – this is a faith-based book, but if you aren’t one for faith in business, it makes great sense anyway.  Searching for Mike Murdock uncovers one of the ugliest websites in the world, and a toe-curling video message.  Hence no link in this blog.  I can’t bring myself to do it.  But Murdock has presented to over 14,000 audiences in 38 countries and is regularly invited to speak at churches, colleges, and business institutions around the world. He has also authored over 130 books.  In general it’s not my cup of tea, but in isolation the business devotionals book is the tamer of his offerings.


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