How To Make A Cheap Music Video

We are now in a music business, not a record business – music is like water (for most of us): you can get it anywhere.

So how do you break as a new band, or reduce the amount of recoupable costs on your contracts?

Use Viral Videos like the Rutlandclimber brand currently working through various YouTube channels and embedded around the internet or posted as a link.

There are literally thousands of listens to tunes on YouTube, and the vast majority of non-official promo views are of a static picture.  What a waste.

Rutlandclimber has a video out at the moment for Five Finger Death Punch – a US band selling +150k albums for their current release. The cuts and energy in that video viral gives the new single ‘No One Gets Left Behind’ the punch you’d expect visually from such a powerful song. Even Ivan Moody can’t throw himself around enough live to emulate the true spirit of the song well enough to carry his passion through to a bootlegged video from the shows.

With Ivan, Five Finger Death Punch, and ‘No One Gets Left Behind’ from ‘War Is The Answer’ – you have to be there. Other than that, the Video Viral is the only way to jack up the emotions demanded by the track.

Yes you can pay thousands for promo videos, and they either hit or miss it big style. The beauty of the video viral is two-fold: it’s as good as the original material provided; and if it’s a bit choppy and fuzzy – it really doesn’t matter.

The biggest benefit of a viral from a brand like Rutlandclimber is that it can be ready in under a week and at a fraction of the cost of a big and bloated promo.

Next time you are rocking to your favourite new tune – take a look at the visuals. Do you want something more? Well you should – because it really isn’t that hard to get it.


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