1 Minute Business Devotional

First ten days’ Business Devotionals from the unapologetically patriarchal book by Mike Murdock – 1 Minute Businessman’s Devotional.  I’m not a man, but I read it anyway and I am glad I did.

  1. Identify what you possess that others need.  Be a problem solver to your clients.
  2. Believe in your own product.  Your attitude is always sensed.
  3. Never misrepresent your product.  Liars are eventually exposed.
  4. Go where the people are.  Success always involves other people.
  5. Take time to rest. A tired mind rarely makes good decisions.
  6. Invest time in a plan.  Champions plan to win, and the secret of your future success is hidden in your daily routine.
  7. Do not be afraid to fail.  Rejection is not fatal.
  8. Build your reputation as a problem-solver.  Somebody needs something you possess.
  9. Money is what you get when you help someone else achieve their goal.  Recognise money’s true value.
  10. Be willing to go somewhere you have never been before.  Geography can make a difference.

This is a faith-based book, but if you aren’t one for faith in business, it makes great sense anyway.  Searching for Mike Murdock uncovers one of the ugliest websites in the world, and a toe-curling video message.  Hence no link in this blog.  I can’t bring myself to do it.  But Murdock has presented to over 14,000 audiences in 38 countries and is regularly invited to speak at churches, colleges, and business institutions around the world. He has also authored over 130 books.  In general it’s not my cup of tea, but in isolation the business devotionals book is the tamer of his offerings.


6 responses to “1 Minute Business Devotional

  1. Ten more…

    Review what you have done at the end of the day, it’s often quite relaxing to order your mind.

    Ask for advice from everyone who knows more than you do, remember that you don’t have to take it.

    Don’t be afraid to constantly review and change the plans you have made.

    Ask for help, and take it when it’s offered.

    Use the ‘system’. If you need to know about tax, ask the taxman, if you need to know about the law, ask those who write it, not those who spout it. (Not meant to be poetic!)

    Be tidy, it’s easier to find what you need if you can see it.

    Be true to your word, and even more so yourself.

    Don’t get bogged down by admin, streamline what you do and how you do it.

    Be tolerant, don’t panic when people fail you, just sort it out.

    Never look to blame someone or something, whilst you are doing that, you could have resolved the issue.

    I can’t say that I do all of these, but I try my best…

  2. Good on you Nathan, thanks for the post.

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