Obama’s First Year And Information Black Holes

As a Briton who has followed Obama’s journey to his presidency with interest, I have to say that I don’t know what he is doing right now.

I can only guess that he is working tirelessly behind the scenes to navigate those diverse and antagonistic corridors of power that we are led to believe facilitates the running of the US.  Especially now as he tries to introduce the one major reform that will improve the US standard of living and possibly catapult it back to the zenith of human progress and achievement: Universal Healthcare (please will someone mandate the screening of Michael Moore’s Sicko).

But of course, as I read this back I can detect my own positive spin on the absence of information.

The Obama campaign brought many, many people to attention and action – it was both inspired and inspiring.  But now I am left thinking: was it purely a fluke; or are there no strategists able to tell The Team that leaving the foot soldiers and voters standing out in the cold for this long, will only leave a hole in their heart that some great pretender can fill?

Beware THAT revolution.


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