Memorandums and Articles For Social Enterprises — What A Mission, And I Don’t Mean Statement

This blog charts the path to our creation of valid and relevant Memorandum and Articles of Association for a Social Enterprise.

Most of us with an entrepreneurial spirit will trawl the internet to unearth an absolute goldmine of resources helpfully posted by a range of people and organisations.

Memorandums and Articles of Association are necessary to incorporate your new company – to define the scope of your organisation and form your company’s constitution.

October 2009 saw the final implementation of the Companies Act 2006, and this led to a problem. (This blog does not intend to identify the different changes that were implemented, you can find that here).

The problem was that I couldn’t find post-October model M&A’s for a Social Enterprise anywhere.

What Is A Social Enterprise

To track back slightly, to be a Social Enterprise consisted, in reality, of two main actions:

  1. Stating your social or community beneficiary in your Memorandum
  2. Stating that any assets left over from dissolving the company will be gifted to a similar organisation

This was easily understood when working with pre-Oct 09 model M&A’s available all over the internet (not least Social Enterprise East Midlands’ very own available straight from their website); it was easy to cut and paste these parts in worded for your own purposes, so long as the legal clauses weren’t changed.

So, I embarked on an extraordinarily lengthy process of discovery to my ultimate endpoint.

Can I Have Model Articles Please?

Firstly, I contacted the commercial organisations that offer incorporation, normally along with free this and that such as a bank account (example).  As a Social Enterprise was not an ‘off-the shelf’ product I was invited to spend £250 to have a bespoke incorporation package.  No thanks.  NEXT!

Then I scoured the Business Link website to see if they offered model M&A’s.  NOPE!

I spoke to seventeen (yes, that’s right 17) different so-called Social Enterprise and Third Sector advice or associated service organisations.  The sum total of the expertise that I could muster through them amounted to either being pointed back to Business Link, or the humble admission that they didn’t know how to reflect a Social Enterprise in M&A’s post-Oct 09.  The worst aspect of this was that no-one was able to offer a signpost to the right place.

Finally, I was able to get hold of a ‘Consultant’ who said that he would look over what I had cobbled together to see if it met the Social Enterprise needs and was legal.  He then submitted an entirely different format for both M&A’s claiming that this was ‘easier’ yet they were based on the pre-Oct models.

Along the way I have had an assortment of ‘pay me’ options offered, but ethically I felt it was my duty to a) understand this process by being directly involved in it, and b) reduce the expenses burden on the Social Enterprise that I was setting up.

Companies House Saved The Day

I struggled on with two sets of documents, one being what I had cobbled together from Companies House models plus the Social Enterprise insertions; and the other being the Consultant’s Choice.  I mapped every clause of each set out on paper, compared and contrasted, and finally settled on a final version.

Still wary of the legal implications of my home-made Articles (the main part of this task) I called Companies House to find out what the process would be if they rejected the M&A’s.  Why make this call?  Because that was the resoundingly repetitive warning that I heard throughout this whole information gathering exercise – ‘if you get them wrong Companies House will throw them back at you’. WRONG!

Companies House stated ‘we do not check them’.  I was aghast!

The Ethical Kicker

Some may say that this means that I didn’t need to be so ‘anal’ about the M&A’s and that I could get away with just submitting standard Private Limited By Guarantee M&A’s.  But my point is this: surely all businesses, and especially Third Sector and Social Firms and Enterprises should govern themselves by their M&A’s.  This way they can display them as evidence of their ‘Social’ status, and be used as a guiding mandate, and universally understood by all Directors?

This may seem desperately simplistic, and you may even guffaw incredulously to even consider that Directors don’t already know the ins and outs of their M&A’s.  I humbly submit that many don’t, and furthermore that some operate wide of their mandated aims.

This has been an incredible exercise and I feel informed, confident, and capable now that it is complete.

The new Social Enterprise is on it’s way to becoming incorporated, and the hope is that many will benefit from it’s activities.

Sometimes the long route is long, but definitely worth the journey.

The Capable Manager

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  4. It looks like you put in a lot of hard work forming your social enterprise! I hope its going well? Many Company Formation agents don’t deal with social enterprises or community interest companies much. So they don’t know what’s involved. At The Company Warehouse, we’ve helped many people get a social enterprise started and we know what’s required. Our specialist team are up to date on the changes made by the Companies Act 2006, so we’re a good alternative to trying (and struggling) to do it yourself. Take a look at our services:

    Have you given thought to the new “Charitable Incorporated Organisation” body which will soon be available as an option for those setting up for the benefit of the public? Seems like it might be a good alternative. 🙂

    • It’s great that you commented and offered your services – thank you. We did look at the CIC, but we didn’t want the burden of additonal reporting in the early stages when every penny counts.

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  6. Genial post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

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  8. So…..these documents, can I see a copy, can I use them and adapt to my purpose instead of cobbling my own together?

  9. Hi,

    I found your article heartening to say the least. What would really realy help is that you could make your final articles of association available to others in the same position. It would make a huge difference.

    My intentions are basically the same as yours. To set up a social enterprise and to understand the nuts and bolts of it in the process.

    Even if you remove parts of the document that you would rather people not copy verbatim and insert headings like add objects here etc it would be so helpful.

  10. Dear struggler – so glad you got throgh it all and successfully. Often people charge to do stuff

    Please can I have a copy too. You will save me so much trawling!
    Thank you


  11. Like others I am struggling to get a good handle on the articles of association for Social Enterpise companies as there seems to be a dearth of such stuff. As I don’t like reinventing the wheel could you send me a copy of yours as they could be the answer to my prayers. I also want to set up an ethical company where things are transparent and understandable by all concerend.

  12. We seem to be going on the same journey that you have completed. In the end we decided to do something similar to what you did. We are in the process of setting up a social enterprise limited by guarantee to provide information advice and training on social welfare law. Would be very grateful if you could send us a copy of your articles and memorandums to help us on our way.
    Best wishes…..
    Ali and Emma

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  14. would it be possible to see a copy of your articles & memo of association? I’m currently trying to set up as a social enterprise as well and finding it hard to get any useful advice. Your help would be very much appreciated!!

  15. Hello, I would also really appreciate a copy of your articles and memorandums if possible please. I am setting up a new social enterprise and having a look at your work woud be a great help. Many thanks.

  16. Very interesting journey you’ve been on. I’ve found myself in a similar situation setting up a SocEnt with a colleague. In the end we just went for standard Limited Company Mem and Arts, but we want to change them to make our work transparent. So could we have a look at what you came up with so we can adapt it for our purposes?

  17. emma sheridan

    Hi, I’d also be grateful for a copy of the documents
    Thanks in advance

  18. Hi, I recently set up a social enterprise in the form of a Community Benefit Society, but am now looking into doing a socail enterprise for a company. Would be great to see what you ended up with.
    And thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Danni
      I am not too sure if the M&As is or needs to be the same for a Society, as these are specifically tailored for a Limited Company.
      I would recommend taking a look at this link
      The main issue for us was that the Social Enterprise M&As hadn’t been widely available in template form before or after the implementation of the Companies Act, but I think that you would be able to find more examples of M&As for a BenComs/IPS.
      Best wishes to you though, and I have sent our to you on email.

  19. Hello TCM,

    I hope all’s going well. It looks like you’ve managed to write an article that ‘s relevant to a lot of people. Truly the Holy Grail of blogging! As a blogger myself I have to say excellent work!

    I too am looking for M & As. I want to repurpose an old registered company which never got off the ground into a non-profit company limited by guarantee. As I understand it I only have to change the M & A, I haven’t searched much, but your website is right at the top of the search results. Just like all the above commenters, I would appreciate a copy to tailor for my use.

    Thanks in advance. Joe.

    • Hello Joe – thanks for getting in touch and your kind words, you made my day! It’s great to know that a little bit of info can be so helpful. The M&As have been sent. Kind regards.

  20. Chris Dowsett

    I have just read your great blog with a nervous smile, I have all this to come too. This page is the perfect starting point though with input from similar starters. Hopefully it will continue to expand with further useful comments.
    Please could you do the honours with your M&A’s?
    Very much appreciated TCM =)

  21. Hi i’m just on that mission as we speak, would it be possible for you send a copy of the M&A over? Many thanks, much respect and best of luck for your venture.

  22. I would be so greatfull if you could send me M & a’s. I like you did have been trying to get some advice on this for setting up a social enterprise but haven’t been very successful. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

  23. Hi TCM

    A google search on articles social enterprise led me to your post

    I think I’ve been on a similar journey whilst preparing to launch a company limited by guarantee with a social purpose

    I too would be grateful if you could email me your M & A over – let me know if you have a charity you would like me to make a donation to in return

    With regards

  24. Hello TCM,

    I am soo glad I found your blog, It has been realy helpful 🙂 Searching for articles and things on how to st up a social enterprise has been doing my head in!

    I would be very greatful if you could send me a copy of your M&A

    I pray that you prosper in your ventures 🙂

    Many thanks!

  25. I cannot begin to explain how much your blog has expressed my situation right now in exact words. I am going completely insane with this and also that every company I have been to for advice, has been saying one thing or the other – in all, everyone is saying something different and wanting to charge £250 for it.
    Similar to yourself, I don’t have that kind of money to spend. I will be EXTREMELY grateful if you can send me the Articles you have developed.
    We are looking at setting up a not-for-proft social enterprise, ltd by guarantee. Is that the same as yours?
    My email is

  26. I sent you a previous mesg which didn’t go through. I have struggled like yourself with the post Oct09 model and am finding no help but being charged with £250 instead.
    I have drafted something but I don’t have a clue if thats acceptable.Pls can you send me a copy of your Articles to

    I wish you all the very best with your venture!

  27. Would you be kind enough to help me out too with a copy of your M&A’s. We are also battling trying to register our no profit SE, by community interst by garauntee… I would be more than happy to receive a copy.. My email is
    Good luck mate!

  28. Thank you for the information. Please could I also have a copy of the articles of association for a social enterprise. I am told by Co House, in order to omit ‘ltd’ I must state: a non profit distribution clause, a dissolution clause and the company’s objects must be of an assisting or charitable nature. Do yours cover these 3 requirements?
    Many thanks for your help

  29. Could you please send me a copy of your Articles? I’m setting up a social enterprise and not sure of where to insert the Objects as these have to appear in the Articles of Association and not in the Memorandum as in the past. Many thanks. Julia.

  30. we are starting up a social enterprise and would really appreciate a copy of your M&As. are you aware of any differences that need to be considered in scotland?

  31. TCM,
    Thank you for all this information. Please could I also have a copy of the articles of association for a social enterprise. As with annabel I need a ‘non profit distribution clause, a dissolution clause and to make the company’s objects of an assisting or charitable nature. Please coud I also get a copy of your articles?
    Thank you

  32. can i also have an emailed copy?

  33. Hi, like everyone else, I would be very grateful if you could send me a copy of the M & A’s? It’s been a nightmare trying to sort this out over the last couple of weeks, until I stumbled across your blog. Many thanks, Chris

    • Thanks Chris, this has been sent along with an invitation to the LinkedIn group. It seems you and I aren’t the only ones who have found support and information lacking.

  34. I have recently set up a social enterprise in the heritage sector, ltd by guarantee. I set it up with the model articles from Companies House but really need to amend these to our actual aims as a social enterprise. It was really interesting to find so many others in the same situation, and I’m still amazed that there is no real provision of advice for social enterprise from places such as business link and Scottish Enterprise (when I was first looking into it all I was just sent back and forth between the two…). I was wondering therefore if it would be possible to see a copy of your articles in order to update and improve ours? Great to see there are still people out there who really want to help others. Best wishes, Ian

    • Thanks for getting in touch Ian. I have sent these to you. You are absolutely right that the provision is lacking. As I suggested to another poster, maybe we could all keep in touch and offer each other advice and support as we all get to different stages in our Social Enterprises. I’ve set up a group on LinkedIn – you should get an invite soon.

  35. Hello,
    I’m so glad I came across this post! In the process of starting up a social enterprise myself, I have struggled to get practical advice from the various 3rd sector agencies and I want to make sure I have the right accountability measures in from the start. Could I please have a copy of your memorandums and articles of association?

    Much appreciated!

    • On their way to you. I think that it is better to keep in touch with a group of like-minded individuals or entrepreneurs that are at various stages themselves. The agencies haven’t been great in supporting many people that I talk to. You are welcome to keep in touch, I’d love to know how you get on.

  36. Hi – like so many others, the work you’ve done to prepare model M&As for a social enterprise could well be the answer for a new social enterprise that we’re setting-up. We don’t really want to be a cic, but we do have strong social objectives. If you could send us a copy of them, we’d much appreciate it.

    • Hi Jules, thanks for getting in touch. The docs have been sent. I hope that a Social Enterprise works for you. Let me know if I can be of any further help.

  37. Can you send me a copy of your articles and memorandums

  38. community Project

    Hi, like everyone else, I would be very grateful if you could send me a copy of the M & A’s? not a lot of info out there, until I stumbled across your blog. Many thanks, James

  39. Hi, I have read your article with interest as I am also investigating the process for setting up a social enterprise. I would be grateful if you could send me a copy of the mems and arts that you finally decided on.

    thanks for sharing your experience with us it is very helpful.


  40. Hi, we are in the process of setting up a young adults with disabilities social enterprise and we also are having a trying time finding M & As. Everyone thinks we are loaded and want to charge us for help setting up but we would rather spend what little money we have on activities for our members. We would be grateful if you could email us a copy. Thank you. Regards Andy

  41. Hi TCM

    An excellent piece! Thank you for sharing so generously. We’re starting up as a social enterprise reconnecting Londoners with the great outdoors – education, ecology, creativity and more. We would be very grateful for a copy of your M&A too if you won’t mind sending them! Business Link should employ you as a consultant!

    • Two Penny’s in a row! That was confusing 🙂 If you are harbingers I am happy. Have sent you an email. Thank you for being so complimentary, I am delighted to help.

  42. (oops, I hit comment before finishing with…)
    Thank you,

  43. Hi TCM

    Really great piece! We are (like everyone else) struggling with the same thing. I would really appreciate a copy of your M&As to compare with what we have so far. Thank you for being so generous.
    All the best,

  44. Hi TCM
    I see a long list of SE’s struggling with this – the same as I am. You appear to be the saviour in terms of M&A’s. Would you be so kind as to send me a copy for reference?
    Best Regards

    • haha – you are very kind and complimentary, thank you. (As a Christian I can’t accept your honour though) Email has been sent, I hope they are of use, have a great day.

  45. What an interesting article. I was searching the internet for the very said document. Would it be possible to send me a copy also. I was just studying my current M&A to see how I could add to it, I trust your dociment will help. Best wishes

  46. Had been struggling, a good friend showed me this article. Please, if possible could I have a copy so I can fine tune the doc we had come up with, which by the way we have been advised would not be accepted…..

  47. Hi TCM,

    Would you mind sending me a copy of your articles of association for your social enterprise.

    Thanks very much!


  48. Hi, like so many others above, I have been having a similar journey and feel almost relieved to have read this blogpost (which helpfully google found for me!) I’d really appreciate a copy of the articles you produced if you wouldn’t mind sharing – I am in the process of setting up a social enterprise and this would really help me a lot.

  49. Hello

    I am also setting up a social enterprise that has been formed as a limited company. I would be extremely grateful if you could share your articles of association. Thanks so much!


  50. Hello TCM
    I am in the process of setting up a social enterprise for equine assisted learning for trauma sufferers….have been cobbling together a M&A from private ltd co and CIC model rules then found this blog. Would really appreciate seeing where you got to.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sun Tui

  51. Hi
    Thank you for your extensive work. I am struggling to set up a CIC. I’ve downloaded a template for M&A from and have started adapting it to suit our purpose. While the Articles seems comprehensive, the Memorandum is under a page long and incomplete. Could you pass me your template, please? Thank you!

  52. Hello,
    We are trying to set up a Social Enterprise Limited by Guarantee and I’ve spent all week trying to put our documents together (without much success!). Please could we also request a copy of your template?
    Many thanks,

  53. Another one here! Researching the options for setting up a se and keen to see how this looks in m and A’s. Would be great to have a look at what you have put together. Thanks for sharing.

  54. Hello
    I have found your blog through google. I have also been struggling to put together the proper Memorandum and Articles for the social enterprise that I am about to start. Despite many days of research I have been unable to find any real help. It is very frustrating as I just want to get on with the social enterprise. I would be most grateful if you would share a copy of your template.

  55. Hi,
    As everyone else on this blog I have been struggling with M&A’s for a while. And very similar situation with yourself I have gone through asking for help for a while with no luck. As we are already set up as an unincorp org. & we want to grow. I am so glad that I have come across your site & would be very grateful if I may also have a copy of your M&A’s.

    Also want to thank you for helping with the information from above & that I am not the only one struggling.

    I hope I will be able to help others too, so thank you again.

  56. Stephen Bradbury

    I am looking to establish a social enterprise providing small communities of Extra Care homes to older and frail people. The opportunity to read and learn from your M&As would be invaluable.

  57. Hi,

    We’re just in the process of changing our existing ltd co into a social enterprise and need to amend our M&As. Could you please email a copy so I have a basis for our amends.

    Many thanks

  58. Hi
    I’m setting up a social enterprise limited by guarantee and would very much appreciate a copy of your M&A’s as am struggling to find much in the way of help

    Many thanks

  59. As everyone else on this site, I have trawled the web trying to look for example mem & arts for a social enterprise and came up with nothing of any use. I am trying to setup a social enterprise (company limited by guarantee) that offers gardening and arts activities to people with long term health conditions and in particular those with mild to moderate mental health problems.
    Would it be possible to to send me a copy of your m & As please. It would be much appreciated.

  60. Please could you send me a copy too? I am setting up a social enterprise working with young people in music. I too am struggling and being offered “help” for £120. Would be much appreciated. Regards Kirsty

  61. Please could you send me a copy too? I am setting up a social enterprise working with young people in music and have been offered “help” for £120. Would be much appreciated.

  62. Hi, I’m in the process of setting up a social enterprise (CLG) with charitable aims to work with young people in London. I want different classifications of membership which will ensure 50% of the Directors are young people aged between 26 – 21. I also want 50% of the Directors to ‘stand down’ annually but be eligible for re-election
    I wonder if your articles would lead me some way to achieving this? If so I would be really grateful for a copy

    Many thanks in advance


    • Sounds like a great project. Hope this helps. I have sent the document to you and you can amend the way your organisation works within the articles.

      • Maurice Kobako

        I’m setting up a social enterprise- an independent housing developer that seek to work in partnership with other private, non-profits and public sector organisations to deliver low-cost housing. I would very much appreciate a copy of your M&A’s. My private email is

      • this has been sent – hope it is useful 🙂

  63. Hiya TCM, my story is the same as most of those above and so glad to find your fabbo site! I am about to set up a local Community driven Org to assist in arts, training and inspiration and to aim to give something back to others (not that I have much myself:) Could you please be so kind as to send us a copy of your M&As please?

  64. As many others, I’d be grateful for copy of M&As please.
    Also did you investigate advantages/disadvantages of CIC route? Curious about any conclusions. Thanks.

  65. You journey is becoming a shared journey.Looking for social enterprise information and draw to your journey would be so greatful if you could send me the M & As you developed.

    I like your authentic journey which has been educational for many who have written you.I have been trying to get some advice on r setting up a social enterprise but haven’t been very successful. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

  66. We are just another formative Social Enterprise following the well trodden path to your door regarding Mem’s and Art’s! Our project is health based targeting urban areas and ethnic groups in the West Midlands. May I request a copy of your documents. Thank you for providing a valuable testimony and real help to so many.

  67. Hi Emma, thanks for your lateral thinking. I am willing to change my m&A to officially state our remit – supporting women social entrepreneurs – and yet keeping the freedom that company limited by shares offers. Really eager to read your m&a to see how it fits. Did you know as well that Social Enterprise Mark was also open to out of the box M&A’s (to a certain degree..!) and charitable founders such as Esmee Fairbairn as well? Another structure worth looking at is Buzzbnk, the first LLP social enterprise! How cool is that!..

  68. Have just read your blog and 18 months later there is still a dearth of information about Social Enterprise M&As. We are setting up a Social Enterprise for counselling parents whose children have died, could I have a copy of your M&As pleasde.

    • I know! It drives me a little to distraction – surely it is exactly this type of thing that is needed right at the start! I’ve sent these. I hope they are of use.

  69. Could you send me a copy of your documents. I am trying to setup a Social Enterprise to help carers and adults with learning difficulties. It would be extremely helpful if you could send the above having scoured the web for examples.

  70. We are turning out Ltd. company into a Social Enterprise and could really use some help, could we also have a copy?
    many thanks!

  71. Great article and still meeting a need 2.5 years after writing which is eons in blogging timescales!
    I’ve been searching for information on this topic for days and not come up with anything that gives me great confidence and I’m still not even sure whether the Objects clause should be in the Memorandum or the Articles of Association. So would be very grateful if you could send me your M&A documents. Many thanks.

  72. Hello Sir, I am from Nigeria. I have been scouring the internet looking for sample of article and memorandum of a social enterprise. I want to set up one in my community. Can you be kind enough to send me a copy of your own. my email is
    Thanks wole

  73. HI, could you send me a copy of yor M&A documents. We are in the process of setting up a social enterprise and we could not find M&A document which we can use as a sample. Thank you.

  74. Another request for a copy of the MOA here please! I’ve been struggling with this for months, and it’s especially important that we get our MOA’s right as we are going down the SEIS/EIS route with a ridiculously short time to secure the funding, that we can’t afford not to get things right first time. :S

    Thanks in advance!

  75. pls send me the smaple article and meof of asso.

  76. Hello, I would also like to convey my thanks for all your hard work that has smoothed the way forwards for so many people. Like the others could I please ask for copy of the M & As when you have the time to send them please? My email is

  77. Hi, we wish to establish ourselves as a Social Enterprise and I have just come across your blog in my research. You have helped so many people and I’d be grateful to see a copy of the M&As you came up with. Many Thanks

  78. Hi TCM

    I have a limited company I’m looking to turn into a social enterprise. Joining a long queue of people who would love to have a look at your final articles to work from in drafting mine if at all possible.

    As an aside, has anyone ever asked to see your AoA, e.g. when seeking funding etc.? I’m just wondering whether they are ever actually needed externally.

    Thanks so much

  79. Hi TCM, I left a request earlier. I am now acutely jealous of the other people that have been enlightened! Could you email me them again as an attachment. This is a great creative commons contribution you have made, thank you!

  80. It has been so helpful to read through this discussion – thank you so much. If you could send a copy of your M&As to me that would be really helpful too.

  81. Fantastic. Four months of umming and ahhing through a bog of councils, advice agencies, national gurus and even my accountant ducked this one – ha! Please may we also have a copy of your M&A’s so we can get close to what we want with confidence. Thank you and well done on a great article …. would you mind if I shared it on my blog/facebook?

    • hi Mal – so glad to be able to help, it sounds as if you hit the same blocks as me. Feel free to share, this is by far my most popular blog because we are all in the same position!

  82. Due to a technical hitch we have lost the copy of the articles that you kindly sent and we would like to have another emailed over please.
    Thank you for your help, we are most grateful.

  83. William McGregor

    Hi great topic. Like you I have been talking to organisations about how to start a social enterprise. One organisation said that their help was free if I was a social enterprise, but as I was not as yet they would charge me £2500 to help get me started, then once up and running any further help would be free.

    Anyway would you be prepare to share to articles please?

    Thanks William

  84. @TCM. Wow you have been busy. I have just read your article and all the above comments, i have the same issues, its hard to find a format for the M&A’s. I didnt realise there were so many other people with similar issues, you have helped alot of peeps. I am alos in the process of incorporating a SE, would it be possible you sent me your version for me to tailor at . Regards

  85. @TCM. Great article, cant believe there are so many people with similar issues. Im also in the process of setting up a SE and came accross similar problems, lack of guidance/format. I searched for help and this was at top of search listings. I would be so grateful if you could share your m&a’s.

  86. So lucky to have found your site and I would really appreciate it if you could send me a copy of the M&A for social enterprise. We have just set up a trading company and we want to ensure it is a model social enterprise.

  87. I would really appreciate if you could send copy of Social Enterprise M&A, thank you for providing, it is a real help to our charity as we start out on the road of setting up a new trading sub.

  88. Hi TCM

    Your Blog certainly gives the clearest insights I have found when looking to find suitable M&As by searching the internet. I’m in the process of founding a Social Enterprise music and arts company in England and need to get the M&As right, so would be so grateful if you could please send me a copy.

    Many Thanks


  89. Roy Higginbottom

    Hi, Well as with others, struggling through the mire of setting up a social enterprise. Would really appreciate it if you could email a copy of your model articles, it would save a significant ammount of time and hassle going through the same process and straight line learning curve.

    Happy to add in anything we learn in the process if that would be of use.

    Thanks in anticipation,


  90. Wow you have hit the nail right on the head with this issue, just the same as all the others can I please have a copy of your m&a’s?

  91. HI there, I’d be very greatful if you could please send me a copy of your M & A. This is exactly what we’re looking for too.
    many thanks

  92. Hi, Thanks for writing this blog. I’m starting a social enterprise but as everyone has discovered, it’s really hard to find templates for M&As. Could I also have a copy of what you’ve produce please? Thanks in advance.

  93. Hi there, please could you send us a copy of your M & A too? Thank you so much for running this useful blog. Much appreciated.

  94. I too have been struggling with this issue. I’ve had a business advisor who has set up SEs before (or so he claims) but still uses the same old forms. I’ve been over and over these, written and discarded my own, twice, searched the net, found loads of information but am still unsure. We are supposed to be signing the Companies House forms on Friday but I would welcome looking over your M&A if possible, Truly glad I found this blog. I thought I was going mad!

  95. Hi – great blog! If you could please send a copy of the Articles, that would be much appreciated? Many thanks!

  96. I thought I was in the 9th circle of business research hell! … 2013 and still no SE Mems & Articles with example social objects in. I’m reasonably bright, I can do research – and object paying for a SE set up, but still no one’s telling me what I need to do! Sheesh. It would make my day if you sent over yours so I could check them out.

  97. Hi there. Am sure you must be tired of being asked for copies of your M&As by now, but we’d be very grateful if you could forward us a copy of your templates. Many thanks!

  98. Hi TCM. I’m not sure how you have time to do anything else but send out copies of your M&A?! Seems as though everyone needs a copy. At the risk of perpetuating your task, please could I have a copy as well? We are still debating whether to set up a CLS or CLG? I take it that your M&A relates to the latter, but I suspect I would be able to adapt to either case.

  99. Hi there, we went though a similar process 3 years ago.
    It was tortuous. With the millions spent on all the ‘bodies’ and ‘advisors’ we found they were at best ‘talking shops’. We managed to cobble something together as well.

    We’re currently trying to get Rate exemption (Northern Ireland) where it’s applied by the Rates Agency rather than local council.
    This will be a first if it happens, apparently.
    The Rates Agency have decided our articles aren’t specific enough. The Judge has decided that we have a case but must change our Articles to satisfy that Rates Agency.

    We’re sort of back are square one.
    Could we have a quick look through your M&A – it might help.


    • I can’t believe that these ‘talking shops’ are still ongoing and that they haven’t been forced to deliver something more tangible. Hope the doc I have sent you is of some use.

  100. Dear TCM, it does seem there are a lot of us out there needing this support and guidance. I certainly do, I have been in touch with Companies House, local Business advisers and trawled the internet but with few results. Am very pleased I came across you blog and found that I am not alone. It would be great if I could please have a copy of your M&A to refer to in developing our own. Thank you very much in advance.

  101. Hi TCM, I’m right at the beginning of this process and not sure which way to go just yet, would you mind if I took a look at your M&As too, to try and inform the process?!

    Amazing blog post – so great to find something so clear and helpful with such simple generosity throughout all of your replies – I hope karma’s being very good to you 😉

    Thanks for all of the above, much appreciated.

  102. Dear TCM, Having found your blog at the start of my Social Enterprise journey last year it seems your work is the resource that most of us need, and struggle to find elsewhere. Thank you and … could I see a copy please! …. and do pop into the Mendip Hub when we open July 2013.

  103. And I thought it was just me! We are turning our business into a social enterprise (although just found out that we could have called ourselves a social enterprise for years!) but want to make sure we get the M&A correct. I have been ringing, searching, talking, blogging etc etc to try and get a definitive answer to what needs to be in M&As for a social enterprise – no-one seems to know. I too would be eternally grateful if you could send over a copy. I really think that one of the Social Enterprise orgs should have several examples and make them readily accessible. In the meantime thanks very much for providing this invaluable service!

  104. hello
    same problem for me! any chance I could possibly see a copy of yours too?!
    many thanks!

  105. Hi TCM,
    I have been researching about M&A and I am so glad I came across your blog! I started to worry that Social Enterprises are almost impossible to set up! Would you be so kind and email me a copy of M&A please? Much appreciated.

  106. Hi,

    I have just started a process of forming not a social enterprise, but a Social Enterprise Association in my country in Africa. Confirm, as I understand it the social enterprise and the social enterprise association are different, if so an idea how best I can structure the association. Here I am looking at two main objectives, first advocacy of social enterprises and then logistical support for those requiring to set up social enterprises. Eventually once well established we want to knock on doors of non social enterprises to pay meaningful support on corporate social responsibility unlike current lip service models that I see in my country just to pacify society and appear if much is done by corporates yet nothing meaningfull is done.

    Thank you very much for your post. Its so relevant to what I am working on. I hope you will derect me to someone who has just set up a Social Enterprise Association in their country. or someone might read my post and help. The beauty of blogging.

    • Hi

      Thank you for getting in touch.

      As far as I am aware, you can still use the M&As as they are relevant to the legal status – and if you ensure that your objectives are ‘social’ then you can claim the status. I removed a lot of reference to ‘membership’ from my M&As as we weren’t operating in that manner, but it seems that this may be a viable option for you.

      In the UK, we can choose (as a legal status): limited company; charity; co-operative; industrial and provident society; or community interest company.

      Hope this helps.


  107. hi. Is it possible to share your articles of association? We are starting our social enterprise here in Malaysia, and there is no information available that will help us in the process.

  108. Hi, I would really appreciate seeing your M&As as well – I want to alter my existing articles to better reflect my company’s social mission and it would be huge help to see yours. Thanks.

  109. Hello,
    I have been going round and round in circles about the M&As for weeks and I can’t believe my luck in stumbling across this bog.
    Is there any chance you could send me a copy?
    Many, many thanks in advance! 🙂

  110. Hi TCM, may I have a copy too? Just going through the same process…

  111. Hi there. Like many others have come across your useful blog and would really like to see a copy of your M+A please? Many thanks, Andy

  112. Hi
    I would be so very grateful if I could see a copy of your articles. Thank you very very much.
    Best Regards,

  113. beadingouttraffick

    Any chance you could share the MOA? Starting a social enteprise and having a hard time with the Moa

  114. Hello, Many thanks for your post from a couple of years ago, the situation out there is still the same. Why cannot one of the support bodies provide templates?! I am also trying to set up a social enterprise, would prefer a limited company, with clear clauses so a minimum of 51% of profit is reinvested, with openness for future equity investors. Please may I also receive a copy!

  115. Great post, many thanks.
    Like many who’ve replied here, I’m about to do this for my social enterprise. If you could share your M&A with me, I would really appreciate it!

  116. Hello, I came across your very-useful blog post while searching for information on incorporation of a social enterprise. I would appreciate it if you could send me a copy of your M&A for reference when putting together the incorporation documents for our company.

  117. Hi there
    Loved your article and in the process of pulling together all these things. It would be brilliant if I could get a copy of your M&A which I could then modify for our own uses. Would you mind sending me a copy?

  118. Dear TCM,

    Thank you for providing such a comprehensive resource.

    I am in the process of setting up my social enterprise Articles of Association and Shareholders Agreements.

    Would it be possible to have copies of yours which we can then amend to suit our needs?

    Many thanks,


  119. Hi TCM,
    Just stumbled upon your site along with its advice and have spent an hour reading the timeline of comments and requests which makes inspiring reading. If it’s not too late I would be eternally grateful if you would forward me anything you have in respect of setting out M&As for a community wood recycling project that I’m trying to get off the ground. . Best regards, Bob

  120. Hello TCM,
    I am also just about to incorporate my UK social enterprise. I would very much appreciate it if you would send me a copy of your M&As. Thanks in advance.

  121. Martin Pilkington

    I really appreciate this blog and am in the process of supporting the development of a social enterprise.I would like to compare a CIC with a social enterprise company ltd by guarantee in terms of governance and would like a copy of your Mems and Articles.This would be greatly appreciated – I echo many of the comments above that it is hard to find straightforward answers from many sources.. MP

  122. Hi TCM,

    Thank you for writing this post. I am setting up a Social Enterprise down here in Kent that will provide Digital Apprenticeships for aspiring software developers and would love to have a look at the Articles of Association and Memoranda that you have discuss here.

    The company will be limited by shares, but we want to qualify for the Social Enterprise Mark and need to ensure that we get our constitution correct and it sounds like you might be able to provide a good starting point to what we need to do to achieve this.

  123. Thanks very much for this TCM, great article and more helpful than anything else the mighty google returned. Please may I request a cop of the M&A’s also as I am in the process of setting up a social enterprise for digital magazines in the community. Thanks again

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