Where is copyright, trademark, and therefore?

Your very own keyboard shortcuts for your favourite symbols – stopping you from stopping. Stop!

Just a short one, ‘scuse the pun – but a wonderful tip when you are steaming ahead on a piece of work, and then searching for that symbol stops you dead in your tracks and messes with your mojo.

The next time that you need your © or your ™ or even ∴ make sure you assign a shortcut.

When you are in the ‘more symbols’ screen and you have found your symbol, click ‘shortcut key’ and then assign your preferred keyboard shortcut. This means that you can create your symbol with just about any keystroke you choose.  With many new symbols now being used in facebook and other social media, this is SO much better than having to remember all of those ALT+ numbers. Now you use whichever keystrokes you like. Enjoy!


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